How I make my Ubuntu 16.04 boot 34 seconds faster?

I recently thought about the booting speed of my Ubuntu. Below is what I did step by step.

At first, I checked the boot time with

I got something around 1 min 19.281s.

So, I did

systemd-analyze blame

I checked the list and thought about removing mysql and postgres. After removing both of them completely I got around 30 seconds faster booting.

Not only this, I edited the grub configuration.  I removed the plymouth boot screen and switched to basic command line interface for both grub boot menu and booting progress.

Also, you can enable the driver profiling. Restart and remove the driver profiling.


sudo vim /etc/default/grub

Check this file it is pretty simple. If you want some more explanation comment below. I will update this later.

Note: Don’t forget to run

sudo update-grub2

after you edit the /etc/default/grub file.

Thats all for today. Thanks.


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