about me

hello to all. i am bishisht.

ummmm……..sometimes i think it is most difficult to criticize yourself. same is happening with me now.

i have started this blog for collecting random information from internet. no offence if yours and mine interest collide in future.

i am on  twitter  @bishishtb ,github @bishisht

but i dont use twitter much now a days. i have just deactivated my two facebook accounts only 5 min before.

i have studied 4 years engineering in nepal.


im intrested in => 

Real time systems/communications, Cloud computing, Distributed architectures for operating systems
and databases, data communication, high speed computer networks, *nix technology and free software, data
structures and algorithms, natural language processing, web 2.0, calculus, automaton theories, music, embedded


literate of =>


C, C++, C#.NET, VB.NET, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java (Learning),ASP.NET, can do little linear algebraic
problem solving in MATLAB and Maple, XML, R(Learning). in programming

Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress as CMS

Rails, Django, Bootstrap as web development framework


And till date I have following training

Orientation Training on Microsoft Multi-point SDK 1.1 Dec. 19, 2009



Also I am a self learner from codeschool.com, codeacademy.com and many more sites



actually whoever is reading this blog for first time may think there are no/few posts from mine and many are shared, well this is particularly made for this purpose.


talking about something that qualifies me ( at least in my view ) is i m kinda jack of all king on none guy.


what i am doing now?

struggling just like a ordinary 3rd world youth.

now a days i am working on my own project. you can visit my project at assembly.com/visitmee




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